Email Encryption


SecExMail Secure Email  v.1.51

This Email encryption program uses RSA public key encryption and the Twofish block cipher. It features PGP-style Email keys, but without the dependence on e-mail- software-specific plug-ins.

Safester  v.1 3

Safester was created to tackle the issues usually seen with traditional email encryption solutions. The software will work on all major OS's : Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


SecExMail SOHO  v.1 5

Free email encryption utility for personal and corporate use. SecExMail works as a proxy, which means it configures itself to be between your email client and your email server. It automatically encrypts and decrypts email as it's sent or received.

CryptoMailer Free  v.4.10

This Email encryption utility is compatible with most Email

NCodeME  v.1.0

Very simple free text/email encryption tool. Works in ANY windows program - Email-software, Word, Notepad etc etc. Just select some text in any software, press a key combination, select the encryption password and thats it.

TFS Secure Messaging Server  v.5.1

Any organization with up to 250 users can immediately adopt this Email security solution. It offers 28 features, including server-based Email encryption, certificate management, anti-spam filtering, and many more all for no cost.

Ciphire Mail  v.1.0

Ciphire Mail is an email encryption tool.

HighVIP Protected Email  v.3.4

Send and receive secure and anonymous email. Chat and exchange secure instant messages, create secure message boards. Share document folders through easy to use interface.

HighVIP Protected Email OSX  v.3.5.2001

Send and receive secure and anonymous email.

SecExFile Home  v.1 1

SecExFile brings one-click file protection to the desktop. It integrates with Windows Explorer to make securing your personal or corporate data easy. SecEx File can be configured to email the armoured file once encryption is completed. + Easy to use,

Gpg4win  v.2.1.1 Beta

Gpg4win is a installer package for Windows (2000/XP/2003/Vista) with computer programs and handbooks for EMail and file encryption. Both relevant cryptography standards are supported,

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